Moto Guzzi T3 California

Classic Bike Esprit T3 California
Classic Bike Esprit T3 California


Moto Guzzi T3 California 1982

A lovely bike to ride. Comfortable and relaxing with Guzzi’s addictive V-twin engine characteristics. Stable handling and great brakes combined to make it one of the great touring bikes of the ’70s.
A more irreverent description of the California was given by Top Gear’s James May in CN magazine (issue 9, 2007):
“My favourite is the ’70s T3 version ……the seat is broad and soft and the engine is so grunty you can cruise along counting individual firing strokes. It’s the lazy rider’s ultimate touring solution. I owned one for several years and once didn’t even change gear for over a month! ”

The standard T3 model is totally original and unrestored apart from the exhaust system, which has been painted black, and the addition of Ikon rear shock absorbers.