Honda CB 750

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1973 Honda CB 750 -4 K2 at Roquefavour Aqueduct



1973 Honda 750-4 K2

The bike that virtually single-handedly finished off the British motorcycle industry!

It might surprise a few people that we would add a Japanese machine to our collection but one has to agree that this machine changed the face of motorcycling, forever.

The Classic Bike Esprit experience is all about taking a trip through time from the 50’s to the 80’s and this bike has to be ridden to understand how that seismic shift in motorcycling happened.

This low-mileage example of the legendary Japanese four-cylinder 750 is a strong performer with a hint of brutish elegance that begs the touring customer to fire her up and listen to that scalded-cat whine. The K2 proved to be a firm favourite with journalist Rod Chapman (MSL) on his  therapeutic visits to Provence – this is definitely one machine the Japanese didn’t copy from the British!

Familiar left foot gear changes make riding this classic bike a doddle! Come see for yourself ……

Honda CB 750 , motorcycle tours in Provence
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