BSA A10 Golden Flash 1958


Above is our only test ride video of the bike…

b-s-a-golden-flashIt might seem unbelievable but this year the “Mr Lucky” has earn’t his spurs by completing a three week 4000 mile tour of Italy following the Vincent Owners Club annual European rally.We are proud to announce no oil was needed to top up the engine.

Who says you can’t make an old bike a practical form of transit !

You have to ride an A10 to understand why these machines command a premium price over their younger sibling the A65.

Some will argue that the A65 is just  great value and I wouldn’t argue with that either!

This particular bike originated in Scotland and in the long ride down to the South of France “threw a rod”…..needless to say the day was marred.On investigation it was discovered that the crank shaft had not been properly assembled by the previous owner so no criticism of the original design or a slur on BSA’s reputation.

A rebuilt motor using parts from 5 engines has made “Mr Lucky” another popular choice for clients wishing to experience a proper British classic.

Many changes have been made by BSA A10 afficionado/owner Phillip White of Melbourne Australia.

These modifications include:

Twin leading shoe front brake.

Alton 12v alternator.

Electronic igntion neatly hidded in magneto.

Halogen headlights and indicators fitted.

Modern oil filter

Avon Road Rider tyres

Even wired for GPS!