Ariel 350



Ariel 350 NH 1958

This little Ariel is the smallest cylinder of our collection. It has a 350cc overhead valve single cylinder designed by Val Page from a red hunter. It is as reliable as any other Ariel and is totally original.  Each engine leaving the factory  was tested for two hours to maintain Ariel’s reputation of quality machines.As testimony to this we can confirm this  is our highest mileage machine in our stable with almost 70,000 miles on the odometer and still going strong.

What is very noticeable is how beautifully crafted the cycle parts are. The bike was built to a standard not to a price.

This was still the time when the engineers and designers ruled the roost rather than the accountants!


Nice and light to maneuver around the windy provencal roads, with it’s beige seat you can only but look fashionable.

Surprising how much fun one can have with 17 horse power and has proved very popular on Corsican trips and around the Gorge du Verdon .

1 up and 3 down , right foot gear change, it is a little part of Britain in the South of France.